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Pan America Euro 5 2022


  • 30 months warranty
  • Euro 5 Homologated
  • Removable db killer


Slip-on Tourance Dark AHAR0330052

Available from the end of January

750,00 prezzo IVA esclusa (915,00 IVA inclusa)
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Pan America Euro 5 2022

The new product for the Harley-Davidson PANAMERICA is also seeing the birth of a very new silencer model in the V-Performaance range.

The new TOURANCE, made with a stainless steel body with a trapezioid section, a carbonfiber end-cap and a racing look grid. This silencer has very secial features the double inner prefored can allow to acheive a great power performance, the double db-killers can be removed separately to tune the exhaust to a real personal sound level.

The surface finish is matt black ceramic coated with the new laser cut VP logo.

The kit reaches the euro5 standards with an european certification.

Included into the package are all the brackets and fixing hardware and also the cabon fiber heatshiled that make the produc complete for a perfect fitting.

A special warranty program gives to this product a real added value, the SERVICE CARD provided into the package allow the customer to his personal profile on the VPERFORMANCE platform to enjoy all the service dedicated to the VP OWNERS and an extended 30 months of warranty coverage.


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Slip-on Tourance Dark


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