Indian Scout Bobber Chubby euro3 / euro4 2015 -> 2020


Double Slip-On available in DARK and CHROME version.

Euro 3/4 Homologated with catalyst converter and removable db killer.

Machine worked ergal endcap, DOUBLE RING style matt black.

DARK version ceramic coated, 900° heat resistant.

All the Vperformance system are covered by the special warranty program by activating the SERVICE CARD provided into the package.


Twin Dark muffler set D. 80mm D.Ring  End Cap AIND0080010 e3/e4              670,00 € + VAT
Twin Dark muffler set D. 90mm CHUBBY AIND0080014 e3/e4              700,00 € + VAT
Twin Chrome muffler set D. 90mm CHUBBY AIND0080016 e3/e4              700,00 € + VAT
ECU TUNING MODULE AIND008ET01              500,00 € + VAT

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