We are proud to introduce our new header pipe no kat for all the touring models form 2018.

The system is a single piece made of stainless steel and entirely tig welded, the system is made by 2 header pipe, a 2 in 1 and a central link pipe.

It is equipped with two  connections for the lambda probe on the header pipes and one on the central link pipe for the euro 5 plus bike.

The system fits the original heatshields so no modifications is required. This product is a decatalyst converter and it belong to the “racing” category so it’s not street legal.

A special warranty program gives to this product a real added value, the SERVICE CARD provided into the package allow the customer to his personal profile on the VPERFORMANCE platform to enjoy all the service dedicated to the VP OWNERS and an extended 30 months of warranty coverage.

More news are coming, see you on the road