Classic Chief / Vintage, Chieftain

Double Slip-On available in DARK and CHROME version.

Euro 3/4 Homologated with catalyst converter and removable db killer.

Machine worked ergal endcap, BANGER style matt black or chrome.

DARK version ceramic coated, 900° heat resistant.

All the Vperformance system are covered by the special warranty program by activating the SERVICE CARD provided into the package.


Twin Chrome muffler set D. 100mm BANGER
AIND0020002 + AFON0010002
             950,00 € + VAT
Twin Dark muffler set D. 100mm BANGER AIND0060001 + AFON0010007              950,00 € + VAT
ECU TUNING MODULE AIND001ET01  RACING              500,00 € + VAT


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